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The history of school in Żelistrzewo dates back to the year 1837 when the first building was built so it has a long history and during its existance it has achieved o lot of success.
The Group of Schools in Żelistrzewo was established on 1st September 1999 by the educational reform introduced by Polish Government led by Jerzy Buzek.
Nowadays, this school consists of:
1. Kindergarten (children 5 and 6 years old)
2. Primary School – there are students from the age of 5 to 11/12
3. Lower Secondary School – there are students from the age of11/12 till 14/15
Our Lower Secondary School is one of the four Lower Secondary Schools which were established in 1999 in Gmina Puck. It is placed in the same building as Primary School.
In the school year 2010/2011 707 students attend to our school:
At kindergarten there are 90 children ( 47 5years old and 43 6years old).
At primary school there are 336 students and at gimnasium 281 students.
There are 707 students altogether and they are educated by 68 teachers.

Lessons start at 7.10 a.m. and the last lesson finishes at 17.05 p.m. in the afternoon pupils can go to several optional classes includung music, sport, art, drama, maths, English, German biology lessons. Our school is also equipped with a school library, a school canteen and three computer rooms, a gym, a corrective gymnastics room, a speech therapist room, a children educator office, a cloakroom, a small school shop and two administrative rooms.

Plane of our school

1. główne wejście do budynku
2. główny budynek szkoły
3. stara szkoła
4. biblioteka szkolna i publiczna
5. świetlica szkolna
6. sala gimnastyczna
7. plac szkolny
8. boisko asfaltowe
9.boisko trawiaste

Kindergarten and Primary School

Rok szkolny Liczba klas Liczba uczniów
2004/2005 17 394
2005/2006 18 409
2006/2007 20 416
2007/2008 20 404
2008/2009 20 384
2009/2010 22 426
2010/2011 22 426

Lower Secondary School

Rok szkolny class number klasy 1 klasy 2 klasy 3 Liczba uczniów
1999/2000 3 78 --- --- 78
2000/2001 6 71 67 --- 138
2001/2002 9 87 68 65 220
2002/2003 9 72 84 70 226
2003/2004 9 71 67 82 220
2004/2005 9 72 71 58 201
2005/2006 10 71 71 63 205
2006/2007 10 73 72 69 214
2007/2008 11 97 69 69 235
2008/2009 11 95 94 65 254
2009/2010 12 90 95 87 272
2010/2011 12 96 94 91 281


The history of school in Żelistrzewo reaches far into autumn 1837 when one-class school was built and the first person who taught at this school was a protestant, Mr Totzke. However, there were many protests from the local catholic inhabitants against Mr Totzke and for this reason, a new teacher was chosen – his name was Mr Lange, he was a catholic. He held his office at our school till 1887. In the years 1887-1922 Mr Klein performed the functions of the school mentor.In the year 1922 Mr Tarnowski Szczepan assumed the position of the manager of our school. On 4th April 1923 teaching was reorganised from one year education into the two – years and since then two teachers started working at school: Mr Tarnowski and Mr Brunon Kupferschmidt.
In 1925 Mr Brunon Kupferschmidt became the next manager, he worked here till his death in 1939, he was murdered in Piaśnica by Nazi occupant.
The managerl of the school throughout all the years of occupation was a woman Otylia Szyca. She continued educating students till the year 1945. After the war a new teacher was appointed the position of the manager, it was Mr Jerzy Błaszkowski and our school received the name of Primary School. During the next years Mr Zbigniew Gryszkiewicz (1950-1952) performed the functions of the school principals.
In 1961 in the project “Thousands schools for thousand year of Poland” the new school building started to exist (nowadays it is called “the old school”). Between the years 1971 and 1973 Mr Antoni Mucha held his office as the last manager of Primary School, because on 1st January 1973 the school in Żelistrzewo was transformed into community school and the first headmaster was promoted, his name was Mr Stanisław Szopa, he worked in this school for a year.
In 1974 Mr Muza Waldemar was nominated as the next headmaster and he worked there till 1979. Within the time of his government at our school, on 21st August 1976 a new building was joined to the school and the school became Comprehensive Community School. In the years 1979-1991 Mr Kazimierz Grzywacz became another headmaster. On 20th September 1987 our school received the name of Jan III Sobieski and its banner. The year 1990 was very important for all catholics beacause in that year, there were crosses hung in every classroom. This solemn event happened on 4th May and it was made by the priest Zbigniew Kulwikowski, the parson of Żelistrzewo parish.
In 1991 Zbigniew Anisimowicz became the next headmaster of this School. He was the promoter of opening on 10th March 1991 the first computer room in Commune of Puck organised by the country project “The Internet in every Commune”.
On 1st September 1999 after the educational reform our school was transformed into Group of Schools in Żelistrzewo and also divided into two schools: the Primary Schhol named Jan III Sobieski. This transformation was a result of the educational reform introduced by the polish Government led by Jerzy Buzek.
Currently, since 2003 the office of the headmaster has been held by Mrs Jolanta Bieszke, who has managed the school successfully, developing the school mission. On 23rd 2006, thanks to initative of present headmaster, Mrs Bieszke, Lower Secondary School in Żelistrzewo was given the name of Jan III Sobieski.
Nowadays, our school has students from the following villiges: Żelistrzewo, Smolno, Celbowo, Osłonino, Rzucewo, Połchowo, Sławutowo, Sławutówko, Błądzikowo and Puck. The buildings conditions of the school has been changed. Every year there were more and more children so the education took place in a shift system.
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2011.09.12 Z Einsteinem w Warszawie
2011.09.01 Inauguracja roku szkolnego 2011/2012
2011.07.04-05 Wakacje z Einsteinem na PG

2011.05.21 Zakończenie roku szkolnego 2010/2011

2011.06.01 Dzień Sportu
2011.05 Einstein w szkole
2011.05.29 Festyn rodzinny
2011.05.26 Einstein na Politechnice Gdańskiej
2011.04 Wybieramy szkołę ponadgimnazjalną
2010.09.27 Dzień Patrona Jana III Sobieskiego
2010.09.06-12 Wymiana młodzieży Oldendorf
2010.09.14-15 Z Einsteinem w Olsztynie
2010.07.05-07 Szkoła letnie na Politechnice Gdańskiej


Festyn Rodzinny 07.06.2009
Dzień Sportu 16.06.2009
Zakończenie roku szkolnego 2008/2009 18.06.2009
Akademia z okazji Dnia Edukacji Narodowej 13.10.2009
Akademia z okazji Dnia Niepodległości 10.11.2009

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